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What does A Holistic Nutritionist do Anyhow:

A Holistic Nutritionist guides individuals to alter their choices to be more life sustaining and uses alternative approaches to promoting health and well being, viewing the body holistically and believes health is the presence of vitality and energy

This is done via, one-to-one consultation, groups, Skype or telephone connections, covering all aspects of being (physical, emotional, mental & spiritual).

Strategies incorporated are small incremental changes, total menu makeovers, herbal and nutritional supplementation, food diary analysis, nutrient deficiency analysis, lifestyle changes and energy modalities. The basis depends on the issues you are trying to address, but also what you are willing to try. 


There is a myriad of nutri-styles as well as different wellness tips and tricks out there. Some are trending right now, some are as old as the hills. How do you decide? Paleo, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, and oodles more.  I prefer Nutri-style, then the "D" word because that tends to have such a negative connotation for many people. What really matters is that your sustenance intake provides you with the necessary nutrients for vitality and well-being.  

What about detoxes, did you know that it is important to know when to detox, what and how or you could be displacing toxins to somewhere else in the body?

Most know about food allergies as they can be life threatening. Not everyone is aware of food sensitivities and intolerances yet these can wreak havoc on our systems.  That is where the guidance of a Holistic Nutritionist comes in. 

If you struggle with Emotional, Compulsive and/or Binge Eating, Digestive or Hormonal Issues, Metabolic Balance Issues (Blood Sugar Balance), Mental challenges (brain fog, stress, anxiety or depression) these all issues that I can assist you with. 

If just want more energy, more vitality, or to improve your health with nutrition, I can help you too!

Embark on a sustaining journey towards healing, Body, Mind and Soul, I am here to guide you!


Consultation Packages:


Initial Package [One 90 min initial session, two 45 min sessions]


This package entails a comprehensive intake, full nutrient assessment, a food diary, and a detailed protocol, 7 day menu plan. 


Follow-up Session [after Initial package is finished - up to four 45min sessions within 6 weeks apart]


Sometimes their are multiple issues that you would like addressed and this may require more extensive work. Some of these issues didn't surface spontaneously, but were a build-up or an accumulation and just may require extra time and protocols to address. 

Add on services:

Hair Analysis, [nutrient & toxin]



Saliva Testing, (hormonal)

($300. -$350.)


Food Sensitivity [IgG 120 foods]




Live Blood Cell Microscopy - what it entails

Live Blood Cell Microscopy - what it entails